Our Place

Enjoy the best on the Safari Goodies

We provide high end accommodation, that will place unforgettable memories.


Find our assorted goodies that are readily available to you on our premises.

Free Parking on Premises

We have secure private parking for our customer to give you peace of mind and maximize on your leisure. Feel free to drive to our place anytime.

Amazing Views

We are a home to excellent views. Our proximity to Amboseli and Tsavo national parks, Kimana Sanctuary as well as Mt. Kilimanjaro assures you the best sites.

42 inch Flat Screen TV & DVD

Are you a footbal fan or have a favorite show you want to catch up on? We have a wide screen on our lounge for you to get that live.

Family Friendly

We pride in the hospitality of our staff. We strive to give you the home away from home feeling to enhance your stay.

Fast Wi-Fi- Connection

We have in place a super fast wi-fi connection all over our premises so that you are connected to your favorite site wherever you are on our facility.

Private Environment

Our location from the nearest town ensure your utmost tranquility, because we respect your privacy and personal space. We give you exactly that.

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SIgnage of Paran resort


I take this golden opportunity to welcome you to the Paran Resort, your home away from home. We here have the pleasure to combine for you a hub for leisure, cultural phenomena, as well as a serene place to enjoy your vacation, safari, event or just an evening. Our team of well trained and hospitable staff will make your moment here memorable and well catered for. We also have put in place for you marvelous combination of delicious meals that you won’t get anywhere else. Our safe environment here is well equipped to accommodate your vehicle and you can rest assured that everything is in control. The very serene compound allows you to enjoy the tropical sunshine at the beauty complexion of our green and glittery vegetation. Among the very unforgettable events is seeing the sun setting over the western horizon, or rising early in the morning, a magical view that would make your day so charming and worth looking forward to. Once again Karibu and feel at home!


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