Our Menu


Finest quality ingredients, locally grown and organic.


WE offer a variety of rich flavors hygienically prepared by our qualified chefs.

Our Menu

Choose from the best of our menu, where we prepare something that provokes your appetite, just ask, we deliver.

Standard Breakfast

2 Eggs, 1 Toast, 1 Pancake, 1 Sausage Arrowroots or Sweet Potatoes, Fruits. We also serve cereals. (Served with either Tea, Coffee or Chocolate).

Main Course (Served with either Ugali, Chapati or Rice & Vegetables)

Beef Curry, Beef Goulash, Beef Goulash, etc. Chicken A La Kiev, a la King, grilled chicken coriander, etc. Pilau, Githeri, Fried liver, Fillet Steak, Pan Fried Pepper Steak and much more.

Fish Dishes | Sea Foods (Served with either ugali, rice, chips, spaghetti, chapati & vegetables)

Fish Curry, Fish Fillets With Breadgram, Fish Finger Fillet, Fish Stew,Pan Fried Fish Fillet, Tilapia Dry Fry Tilapia Wet Fry and more.

Meals Without Accompaniments

Cream of Vegetable, French Onion Soup, Ginger & Carrot Soup, Goulash Soup, Leek & Potatoe Soup, Minestrone Soup, Carpaccio Salad, Coleslaw Salad, Russian Egg Salad, Russian Salad, Vegetable Salad Fruit Salad, Fruit Slices & Tropical Fruit Salad among others.

Meals Accompaniments

Cabbage, Chapati Brown, Chapati White (Portion of 2), Chinese Noodles, Chips, Kachumbari, Mnafu, Mukimo, Rice (White), Rice (Brown), Rice Vegetable, Spaghetti, Spinach, and much more...


Chapati and Beans, Chapati and Mnafu, Egg Curry (Per 2 Eggs), Mixed Vegetables, Peas, Star Fried Veges, Soya Chunks (Sossy), Spagheti Napolitana (Vegeterian Special), Vegetable Curry, and much more...


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